Welcome Owners!

Welcome to the Real Estate Lifestyle experience!

We are delighted to welcome you home! Our Owner Services team is dedicated to providing top service and helping to arrange your unique Real Estate services and benefits to make your owner experience an exceptional one!

Owner Benefits:
To make sure that you have a wonderful stay, we invite you to arrange the following benefits with our concierge team:

  • Reserved cabana at Sea La Vie or Déjà View beaches
  • Complimentary tickets to Ocean World for owners and their group
  • Weekly complimentary massage for owners

📢 What's New!

The Wafflerie

Now Open 10am – 5pm
Exclusively for CC/OC/LRE Owners

The best part of brunch has arrived! Our new VIP area dedicated to all things WAFFLE!

The eatery will feature a menu that highlights different flavors of your favorite breakfast item, from sweet to savory. Freshly baked, hot, crispy, and with a variety of batters and fillings, we promise deliciousness in every bite!

Breakfast lovers unite and come visit us next to the VIP Beach!

Half Shell

Now Open 12pm – 3pm
Exclusively for CC/OC/LRE Owners

Here we go again…offering ANOTHER exciting new VIP area for all members to enjoy!

Sit back, relax, and allow us to fulfill your senses with a spectacular ocean view while enjoying a vast selection of delicious seafood options paired with an amazing cocktail!

Spectacular Ocean View!

The Monarch

Now Open 12pm – 3pm
Exclusively for CC/OC/LRE Owners
Located on the first floor of Sunrise Suites inside Lifestyle Royale.

🕚 LRE Lounge – New Weekend Hours

9 am -11 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! From 6-11 pm, owners can now bring their guests in-house with them (RE green guest bracelets)!

📝 Feedback

Please let us know how we are doing! Share your experience at www.lifestyle-real-estate-owners.com/owner-satisfaction-survey, we welcome on your feedback! Please do not hesitate to contact us for anything that you need, we will all do our best to make sure that you have a wonderful stay!

🍽️ Food & Beverage Services

Choose from the delectable options below!

Bottles of Wine, Liquor and Juices

Choose your order from our exclusive Real Estate Owner menu with the concierge in the morning, the concierge will deliver it in the villa in the afternoon, or if staying in other accommodations it can be picked up from the Real Estate Office after 5 pm. Available for pre-booking at www.lifestyle-real-estate-owners.com/owner-drink-orders.

Beer, water and soda in the accommodation

The Food & Beverage team will restock daily, if you have any specific requests please mention to the concierge during the daily visits or calls. We will call to make sure you received the beverage requests in the afternoon, if you miss the call and have not received your requests , please contact the concierge.

Daily Snacks

Choose your order from our exclusive Real Estate Owner menu with the concierge. We will call to make sure you received it in the afternoon, if you miss the call and have not receive it, please contact the concierge.

Liam’s on the Go

Villa delivery – exclusively in villas, please place your order with the phone number on the menu. The delivery fees are waived for Real Estate Owners, available daily from 12 noon until 4 pm.

Dinner Reservations

The Owner Services team provides your dinner reservations with your check -in materials, please contact the concierge for any changes requested. If you are at the resort for multiple weeks, Fridays are the day we receive the restaurant schedule for the following week and will issue your new confirmation. Available for prebooking at www.lifestyle-real-estate-owners.com/owner-dinner-pre-booking-puerto-plata.

Villa Breakfast

You can choose from the menu options for each person in your group. This can be arranged at check-in or via pre-booking at www.lifestyle-real-estate-owners.com/owner-villa-breakfast-pre-booking, for any changes during your stay please contact the concierge team.

Ocean Breakfast

There are limited spaces for this option, please request this with the concierge team if you would like to arrange during your stay.

Saffron Lunch

During the weekends, reservations are required for Saffron Lunch, if you would like to arrange this please contact the concierge.

Lifestyle Pizza Kitchen

This pizza delivery option can be chosen if you prefer to stay at the your accommodation some evenings, must be ordered with the concierge at least 1 day in advance. Menu available at Real Estate reception upon request.

Chef’s Dinner

Choose from our delicious menu available at Real Estate Reception, the menu must be chosen at least 1 day in advance.


Choose this festive option for your group to enjoy at the villa for a truly memorable evening.


The Diamond Grill – Deja View Beach
Open 11am – 5pm

Beach Avenue Grill – Harmony Beach
Open 11am – 5pm

Vienna Coffee House – V.I.P World
Open 7am – 6pm

Zen (Sushi & Asian Bar) – V.I.P Beach
Open 11am – 5pm

Coconuts (Lite Fare) – Serenity Beach
Open 11am – 5pm

Scoops (Ice Cream) – Harmony Beach
Open 11am – 6pm

Anja’s Lounge – 4th Floor of The Tower
Drinks 10am – 11pm
Food Monday – Friday 10:30am – 5pm

Oh Crepes! (Gourmet Crepes) – Harmony Beach
Open 11am – 5pm

The Corner – NV Beach
Open 11am – 5pm

Half Shell – Intimates Rooftop
Open 11am – 2:30pm

Liam’s On The Go (Fast Food) – Lifestyle Beach
Open 11am – 5pm

Wafflerie – Tropical Relax Pool/VIP Beach
Open 10am – 5pm

Aquarella – at The DOME
Open 8am-5pm (closed Wednesdays)

Sea La Vie
Open 11 am- 5 pm

Casablanca and Pearl Buffets
11:00 pm – 4:30 am

🚩 Important Information

  • If you experience maintenance issues at your accommodation, please inform your concierge during the daily call or visit, or by contacting us. We will call in the afternoon to verify that the issue has been resolved, if you miss the call and are still experiencing the issue, please contact the concierge.
  • For any after-hours emergencies, please contact the reception desk where you are staying, you can call 0 and the operator will transfer you. You can also contact the Real Estate Manager at (829) 745-0014.
  • If you require medical assistance, there is a medical center (Grupo Rescue) in the entrance of Cofresi Palm near the Sunrise Suites, they will provide costs associated with services provided upon request.
🌜 Nightly Entertainment:

You can find the weekly schedule posted in Real Estate Reception as well as information about any special events.

✈️ Departure Transfers:

Please make sure you contact your concierge at least 2 days prior to your departure date to provide your flight details for your departure transfer, you can also submit your flight information in advance via the Real Estate website at lifestyle-reservations.com/airport-transportation-lre. Please make sure you review the automatic response that you will receive via email to make sure the information that has been submitted is accurate.

The day before your departure, we will email you the confirmation of the time and vehicle of your transportation, and provide a paper copy personally that will be left under your door in case you are not at the accommodation.


Cofresi Palm
Open 7am – 8pm daily

Open 8am – 8pm daily

📍Resort Map

📞 Contacting Us

Each morning our concierge team will contact you to see if there is anything you need or would like from the array of benefits below. If you are staying in villa, a concierge will pass by in the morning to see you, and for other accommodation we will place a call.

In case we do not reach you or you prefer to contact us instead, you can reach us at Extension #70261 or 70250 or (849) 455-7573 (this number is also available via What’s App), via Live Chat on the LRE owner website from 9-5 daily, or pass by the Real Estate reception to speak with one of our team in person from 8 am until 8 pm daily.